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Rosemary Cook works from her studios in Suffolk and in Le Marche, Italy, using clay to produce an original model that is thoroughly distinctive in its strong impressionistic lines. From this piece a mould is taken allowing the production of a limited edition of bronze resin and foundry bronze casts, the latter employing the lost wax method. Dogs feature strongly in her work; her familiar sculptures never fail to capture the immediate spark of liveliness and individual character of her subject. Born in Portsmouth, Hampshire in 1952, Rosemary Cook was educated St Felix, Southwold, Suffolk (1962 69) and Chichester College, Sussex (1970 73), Lincoln College of Art and Design (1985 87).

"I was attending a pottery class with my mother, just to keep her company. My pots were dreadful so to pass the time I started making quick, sketchy sculptures. It was like a window opening onto a new world. True love... I never looked back."

Rosemary Cook worked for many years as a conservator and restorer of the decorative arts, but it was during her time at Chichester College that she developed her abiding love for sculpting and clay. Her experience with materials and technique acquired as a restorer of sculpture at the Royal Academy led on to her future career and success as a professional sculptor. Her figures take her in a different direction- they are not of specific people, but evocations of solitary and tranquil moods which lead into a sense of timelessness. Since 1992 she has exhibited both in one man exhibitions and shows regularly with a selection of British galleries and in America.

Rosemary was made an associate member of The Society of Women artists in March 2009 and a full member in May 2010.

Rosemary's work has featured in exhibitions inc. Southwold Gallery. Southwold (July '95-2011) Chelsea Flower Show and Hampton Court ('96 '10). Carl Sloshberg Fine Arts, Los Angeles (Feb '97 and '98). Langham Fine art 'Art et Jardin' (Annually 99-08). The Irish Setter Cub Show at The Kennel Club (07-08). Quidley & Company, Boston Mass (2008). Dog World, Olympia (Nov 08). The Kennel Club Christmas Show (Dec 08- Jan 09). SWA Mall Galleries (Apr-May09 and '10). Rosemary's bronze resin work is in private collections in Europe, The Antipodes and America. Public work include 'Boy Reading' for The Early Learning Centre, 'Looking Out to Sea' and 'Down Stream' for The Nelson Hotel, Norwich. 'Every dog', Battersea Dog's Home, 'Charlie and Ball' for the American animal charity, S.P.C.A, New York State. 'Ben and Bodger' for the Kennel Club

Cold Cast Bronze.

When the clay model has been completed a mould is taken using silicone rubber, supported by rigid glass fibre jacket. Powdered bronze, bound with resin, is poured directly into the mould, producing a cast with subtle but lively surface, responsive to both patination and weathering. Since no 'chasing back' is required, every mark the sculptor has made in the modelling is retained. The result is an uninhibited and expressive piece, Capturing all the immediacy of wet clay.

Rosemary's latest venture goes back to her roots in restoration, using techniques acquired early in her career. She and her husband have been re-building and restoring the ruin of an old villa in Le Marche, Italy. Lately they have been searching for interesting furniture as they drive across Europe and also working on landscaping of the terraced walks. Rosemary plans a series of sculptures to stand in favourite parts of the garden to capture the sense of freedom and beauty of the place.

The house is now available to rent as a holiday let. A wonderful retreat to go for peace, quiet and solitary and tranquil moods - perfect for any one over-burdened by life at home.

Many of the bronze resin sculptures will be shown to their best advantage in a garden and will withstand all weathers. Indeed rain and sun often enrich the patination, with no harm to the structure.

In 2022 Rosemary Cook retired, so the sculptures that we have currently will be the very last ones available.

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